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Looking for metal serving trays, tin rolling trays or Christmas cookie trays? We can help! TinWonder offers one-stop custom print tinplate trays making service.

  • metal serving tray for bars coffee shops
  • metal trays for Christmas
  • tobacco cigarette rolling tin trays
  • metal serving tray for bars coffee shops
  • metal trays for Christmas
  • tobacco cigarette rolling tin trays

Various Functioned Tinplate Trays Just Meeting Your Requirements

As a professional metal trays manufacturer, We produce trays for mainly below three applications:

1) coffee shop or beer bar serving trays, which are solid, and customized with brand logo;

2) holiday season trays, printed with festive elements, food safe, using for cookies or candies display;

3) Cigarette rolling trays, with fancy printing, used for rolling cigarettes, pre-rolls, etc.

Tin Trays with Existing Molds for Your Choice

Here listed the most common used rolling tray sizes, large serving trays, and most popular Christmas tin trays. You can know more by contact us.

raw mini rolling tray good quality
Small Rolling Tray

RAW brand small rolling tray with size 180x125x15mm, which can be customized with your design. It is solid enough, made of 0.25mm + tinplate.

pre-roll rolling tray with magnetic cover
Small Rolling Tray

Small size pre-roll rolling trays made of tinplate, with fancy custom design printing. Most popular size, easy to take and roll. Size: 180x140x15mm

large tin rolling tray wholesale custom print
Medium Sized Rolling Tray

Medium tin trays for rolling joints and cigarettes, which are wide and solid enough. Double side can be printed. Magnetic cover is also available.

cigarette rolling tin trays 275x175mm
Metal Rolling Trays Wholesale

Rolling tray with size 275x175x23mm, with printed magnetic cover available, then rolling papers and weeds or tobaccos can be placed in the tray. Support custom print.

large size Raw brand rolling trays
Large Rolling Tray

Raw rolling tray in large size – 340x275x27mm, which is made of 30mm+ tinplate, hard enough, support custom design print.

custom print tinplate ash tray
Tin Ashtray

Custom printed tin ashtray with size 135x20mm, with three hallows on the tray surface as the cigarettes supporting. Fancy and cheap item for easy smoking.

anti slip large round serving tray

Solid anti-slip large round tin tray with size 355mm x 50mm, it is made of 0.35mm thickness tin plate, with custom logo and design printed.

crown cap style large tinplate trays
Crown Cap Style Large Round Serving Tray

Bottle cap style serving tray with size 345x38mm, support custom brand print, able to apply anti-slip coating, is a great promotion item.

anti slipery round serving tin tray with handles
Large Round Serving Tray with Holders

Metal Serving tray made of solid and thick tinplate, ok with or without the hands holding holes. Welcome custom orders starting MOQ 3000pcs.

round metal tray with two handles 375x30mm
Metal Tray with Two Handles

Round serving tray with two handles for stable holding, its size is 375mm x 30mm, support custom design fancy printing in glossy effect or antiskid coating.

hexagonal metal tray bar serving tray
Hexagon Shape serving tray

Beer brand promotional tin trays wholesale in various shape, round, rectangle and this Hexagon. Tray size is 310x310x40mm.

large rectangle metal serving tray
Large Rectangle tin tray

Custom print tinplate tray with size 290x240x20mm, made of 0.28mm thickness tinplate, support liquor brand logo print.

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1st Grade Tinplate Sheet Material

We only choose the 1st grade tinplate for our produced tins, double sides with 2.8g/m*m tin plated, to ensure our produced tins could shine much longer than others. The best material also contributes to the final printing effects and tin cans final effects.

For tinplate trays, we have multi thickness for choice, from 0.20mm, 0.23mm, to 0.28mm, 0.32mm and 0.35mm. The thick material suits best for the serving trays.

1st grade tinplate sheet
tinplate offset printing machine

Top Quality Printing and Coating

Our tinplate sheets are printed by experienced printing technicians with the most advanced offset printing machines. They use the Toyo printing inks and lacquers. All these ensure our tins in top printing quality.

For serving trays, besides regular glossy or matte effects, we also have the mature anti-slip coating techniques. The antiskid trays can be safely used in the coffee shops, beer bars, etc.

Can you show more about your serving metal trays?

Yes, here is the video. Any more you’d like to know, feel free to contact us.

Are your serving trays skid resistance?

Yes, we can make the serving trays coated with anti-skidding coating, which can turn regular tray to the antislip tray. This video shows the antiskid effect of our serving trays.

Are you A metal trays wholesaler?

Yes, we wholesale tin trays. We have some regular stocks for some hot sale popular design rolling trays. For large serving trays and Christmas trays, we welcome custom print tin order starting from 3000pcs.

Besides tin trays for Christmas, do you offer other ones?

Yes, we can produce round cookie tins, square cookie tins, rectangle tin boxes and tin pails, with Christmas holiday decorations; they are great choice for holiday foods storage or as holiday gift packaging containers. For more details, you can check our corresponding pages.

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