TinWonder is a professional lunch tin box supplier, able to offer one stop high-quality tin box making service. We have more than below popular tin lunch boxes, feel free to contact us!

custom print tin lunch box

180x130x70mm, 70mm depth can be modifiable, outside decorative, handle color can be customized.

custom lunch tin box

190x120x72mm, rectangle tin lunch box with plastic handle, all colors can be customized.

lunch tin box with plasti handle 178x127x71

178x127x71mm, medium sized tin lunch box with custom design and custom color handle.

square shape lunch tin box with handle and lockers

191x191x80mm large size tin lunch box with handle and two locks, ok with custom logo.

movie print lunch tin box for promotion

205x145x98mm metal tin lunch box with movie charactors for kids school lunch

kids lunch metal tin box with handle

Large lunch box in size 219x161x98mm with custom design and with handle and lock

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