As a custom print tin buckets supplier, our below existing mold bukets are highly welcomed.

mini tin bucket for easter and christmas promotion
  • Size: 100/80Dx90H mm or 3.94/3.15Dx3.55H inch
  • Custom holiday design printed tin pail with handle
  • Suitable for Easter and Christmas festivals promotion
  • Fast delivery, cost effective
medium size flower garden tin pail easter
  • Size: 125/95Dx115H mm or 4.94/3.75Dx4.53H inch
  • double-side painted Easter tin pail with metal handle
  • Suitable for Easter and Christmas marketing
  • Painted, leak proof, ok to re-use as garden buckets
custom print tin bucket with handle
  • Size: 149/112Dx140H mm or 5.87/4.40Dx5.50H inch
  • Capacity: 48oz
  • Custom logo and design offset print, as product packaging
  • suitable for popcorns, candies, cookies, cosmetic tubes packaging
ice bucket cooler with PU handle
  • Size: 230/170Dx185H mm or 9.05/6.70Dx7.29H inch
  • Capacity: 2 bottles champagne, half dozen beer
  • Handle: ok to be PU, metal wire, rope, etc.
  • Custom logo and design offset print, for brand promotion
85oz popcorn tin bucket film promotion
  • Size: 166/132Dx164H mm or 6.54/5.20Dx6.46H inch
  • Capacity: 85oz, best size for cinema popcorns
  • Packing: popcorn, cookies, candies
  • Custom logo and design offset print with film subjects
1 gallon tin bucket custom print
  • Size: 185/135Dx205H mm or 7.29/5.32Dx8.07H inch
  • Capacity: 1 gallon
  • Packing: popcorn, candies, snacks, gourmet collections
  • Custom logo and design offset print and embossing

Custom Design Popcorn Tins Manufacturer

  • Wide-range existing molds for popcorns, regular round tin jar and tin buckets
  • Existing sizes: half quart, 1 quart, 1 gallon (both straight gallon tin and conical bucket profile), 2 gallon, 3 gallon
  • Dust-free workshop and food safe certificates, passing EN71 and FDA testing
  • Top quality offset custom print and vivid embossing
decorative popcorn tin buckets
holiday candy tin pails

Holiday Tin Buckets Supplier in China

  • Holiday themes printed tins are necessary for holiday sales packaging
  • Tin buckets suit for both Easter and Christmas festivals sales
  • Over 10 existing buckets sizes from small to big suiting festivals
  • Automatic production line, high efficiency

Custom Print PET Tin Pails Professional Producer

  • All plastic tin pails heights can be changed
  • Existing diameters: 60mm, 67mm, 72mm, 76mm, 80mm, 85mm, 100mm, 105mm, 125mm
  • PET body can be printed in CMYK or pantone custom design
  • Handles can be painted, tinplate lid and bottom can be custom printed
custom print PET tin pail with tin lid and handle
Can you safe pack the large bucket tins?

Yes, we are experienced in safe packaging, and our large bucket tins packaging have been approved by former shipping experiences. Buckets lids are packed into cartons separately, and tin bucket bodies are stacked, into cartons or directly onto pallets. Pallets, sides and corners protections are tailored according to the piles’ measurements.

I am to order leak-proof tin buckets, can you make?

Yes, we apply food safe glue along the seaming lines to provent leaking, once leak-proof is needed. We do this for ice bucket and candle making buckets.

Could my popcorns contact with the tin buckets directly?

Yes, all our raw material, printing inks, interior lacquers are food safe, and the tins are packed in the dust-free workshop.

What is the lead time?

To use existing tin molds, 10 days for color sampling, and 30 days for mass production. MOQ is 5000pcs per tin size, allowing 2 or 3 SKUS.

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