How To Reuse Metal Tin Cans

You must have been told that tins are greenest and most environmental-friendly package; but why? Tin cans can be recycled and reused. Tins, as a metal that can be magnetically sorted out from recycling ground, can be recycled in the large percentage, and sold back to the steel work to start new journey of recycle. Before tins are disposed, they can be reused. How to reuse them? Below are some examples.

To use as a container

If tin cans or tin boxes are in good status, not rusting, you can clean them with dry cloth, to use them as the containers for handmade cookies, biscuits, nuts, candies and other food. Tins are food safe and could protect the food from strong light and air, thus they are the very good choice as a food container. They can also be used to container some loose small items, like knit items, coins, or stationaries, etc.

To use as a planter

Tins are mostly nicely printed; you can put some fake plastic flowers or plant inside to decorate your window or desk. Or you can plant real plant inside! If not much watered, tin can could stand unrusting for one year; galvanized plated buckets or planters could stand unrusting for over 3 years.

To use as a candle maker

The tins to be used for candle making need to be leak-proof. Some tin cans are seamless, that is no any seam locking mechanism on tin bases, which are made of one complete tinplate piece, thus they are leakproof, like the cans used for face cream, hair pomade etc. The other kind tins that are leak-proof are the welded tins, whose body seam is weld; such tin cans mostly made for coffee powders or milk powders, and they are airtight also leak proof. Into candle tins, standing the wick, pouring melted candle wax and add your favorite flavored essential oil, you are making a great DIY candle.

To inspire some art

Tins can create some kind art! Do you believe this?
Inspired by Campbell’s tin cans, Andy Warhol pioneered America’s POP art in 1960s, right? You also have big chance to initiate some art starting from decorative tins!

You can see the tins are functional even it comes to reuse. Give tins longer life, we can have a better life and a greener planet.

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