Tin Box Making in China

China is a world factory in the past decades with no doubt, China’s facilities and product lines cover most of commodities and industries, including metal tin boxes for sure.


Any Changes in Sourcing Choices? Are China Facilities Still the Only Choice?

As the China is facing labor shortage, and with USA’s the extra tariffs setting on Chinese goods in 2018, the EU and USA importers are beginning to find other facilities outside China, Vietnam and India stand upfront. The soaring freight costs during the Covid 19 epidemic speeded up the purchasing transferring. The facilities in Mexico and Turkey get the chances to boost up.

Tin box purchasing also get in this line. China tin box factories lost 5-10% percentage exporting orders, and it balanced back from China domestic consuming market.

Even though these, China factories are still the top choice for custom tin box making orders with two main reasons: not like paper printing which printing machines take key role, tinplate sheet offset printing is still mainly handled by technicians, whose skills and experiences have direct effects on printing quality; China’s tin box making techniques and quality controls ensure much better quality than other areas.



What is tin box factories’ production situation in China?

With the competition from other countries, and with the shortage of labors, China factories have to keep competitive in both pricing and lead time. More and more automatic production lines are applying in facilities: In the last years, lines are half-automatic, only substituting 2 or 3 labors in on line, now the situation is one production line only needs 2 or 3 labors.

The fully automatic production line developing needs big cost, the lines are always starting from bigger order, say one time order quantity over 200k pcs; and for other smaller orders, part of the lines could be shared. The automatization proceeds step by step.

Now in most of larger tin box making facilities, seamless one-piece part like tin lid, tin bottom can be fully done by automatic lines. Most diameters’ round tin cans bodies can be produced half-automatically, regular sized square or rectangle tin bodies could be made half automatically.



China’s world facility position is still un-shakable. The facility abilities upgrade bit by bit with the stimulus of worldwide and domestic competition. So do the tin box factories. For fancy and exquisite decorative tin boxes, choosing China’s tin box factories are still the safest and most expecting choice.

TinWonder, as one competitive larger tin box facilities, are applying more and more automatic production lines: which have covered all the seamless tins manufacturing, slim mint tins manufacturing, round tins body seaming etc.


TinWonder aims for high-quality tin box and long-term partnership!  Reach us at sales@tinwonder.com!



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