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As the 2nd largest of drink after water, tea is one of our most familiar daily drinks. Over 6 million tons of teas are harvested (6.269 million tons in 2020), and over 2 billion people are regular tea drinkers around the world. Therefore, tea is a big industry, and tea packaging makes up a big proportion in the packaging industry.

Among all the packaging materials, tin boxes and tin cans are mostly chosen by most of tea brands. As a professional bulk tea tins supplier, we can see tins shining on these points:

  • Exquisite enough to dull other packages and then shine the tea brands;
  • Functional enough to protect the teas and keep them fresh long enough;
  • Durable and re-usable, for brands’ long-time exposure;
  • Food safe, odorless, eco-friendly, recycle-able.

Tea Tins By Features

Tea tins are not only tea storage containers, they are also a decorative package for branded specialty teas’ marketing, sales and promotion. To build a solid impression on consumers, some tea brands stick to some tin shapes and tin designs for years. Designs are from brands, and tin shapes and tin structures are as below.

cylinder tea tin canister 6oz

Most common bulk tea tins wholesale, Round tea tin cans with diameter varies from 45mm to 106mm mostly chosen, and heights modifiable basing on tea capacity requirements

square tea tin flush lid

Square is the 2nd most common shape in tea tin packaging, it can be small for loose tea packaging, and be wide for multi tea bag packaging with blister for cozy setting.

tea book tin box

Book shaped tins are for specialty tea luxury packaging, with logo and design patten embossed, with special surface varnish applied, book tea tins are exquisite enough for any top brands.

round tea caddy tin can
Tea Caddy Tins

Tea tin caddies are traditional tea packaging shape, most tea lovers have a tea caddy with them for years. They are favored for tea storage as houseware at home. We have multi sizes existing.

stacking tea tin canister for tea flavors
Stackable Tea Tins

Tea tin canisters can be stacked in multi layers, each layer with different herbal tea flavors. It is a fancy tea tin set – one tin with multi flavored teas combined, show and sell as one tin set.

holiday tea tins Chrirstmas tea tin and New Year tea tin

For holiday season promotions, some brands choose novel shapes to pack their teas. Star shaped tins, Christmas tree tins, house shaped tins are chosen with Christmas or New Year decorations.

matcha tea powder tin can
Matcha Tea Tins

With bubble tea’s popularity, matcha powder is more and more liked by people. Matcha powder tin cans need to be air tight, with top sealing foil removed, screw top lid can still keep powder fresh.

tea tin jar with window lid

Seamless tins are air tight and cost effective, very good as bulk tea tin containers; base shallow or deep, either with screw top or slip lid, with clear window or not, with DIY labels on top or on base.

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Different Lid Profiles

It is most import to keep and store tea fresh as long as possible. To have air tight tea tin containers, tea tin designers and makers have been focusing on the different lid profiles – good looking as well as air tight. We can see tea tins covers majority of existing tin box lid profiles. Here lists most common ones.

  • Square tea tin with slip lid step lid

    Slip lid also called flip lid, most regular lid style covered on tin body.

  • lever lid square tea tin
    Tea Tin with Lever Lid

    Lever lid to be opend by levering up, like paint can lid style

  • pillow lid flush lid tea tin square

    Flush tin box with outward curl, either lid plug-in or body neck-tin to have tin flush and vertical

  • double lid tea tin square
    Double Lids Tea Tin

    Tin box with double lids for air tight, inner lid with knob for easier picking up

  • clear clip lid tea tin canister with clasp
    Tea Tin with Clasp Lock

    Clasp lock to ensure the tight closing of tin lid, top plastic lid can be clear or in custom color.

  • metal clip lid tea tin with clasp lock
    Tea Tins with Metal Clasp Lid

    Top lid is made of tinplate, inner pillow plugging in to ensure air tight enough, also called tea tin canister with latch lid.

Fine Workmanship

To have one tin box exquisitely displaying on the shelf to dull others, we take care from beginning and from each tiny aspect.

We choose the top-quality tinplate, double side with plated tin thickness 2.8μm/2.8μm, to have the tinplate shining as long as possible;

we use high-quality steel to make molds and use right-ton machines to make each production procedures, to have the stamp precise and craftmanship sophisticated.

exquiste logo stamp tin box embossing
creative foil printing techinique tin box

Updated Printing Technique

We work with the top tinplate printers, and dare to try the newest printing and varnish effects, to have our clients’ tins shine ahead of others. Besides regular gloss or matte varnish, we are experienced in crackle varnish, rubber varnish, pepple varnish, etc. And we can apply laser foils onto tinplate printing, and we have wide-range of laser patterns to best meet the clients’ design directions. With the most updated techniques, your tins are always the most attractive one on the same shelf.


tea tin jars banner
Either Empty Tea Tins Wholesale Or Custom Decorative Tea Tins

For undecorated tea storage tins, we can have fast delivery time; for custom tea tins, we have existing tin molds to save your developing cost: sizes either mini, medium or big; style either antique, vintage or luxury. For fancy tea tins, just choose TinWonder.

Bulk Tea Tins Wholesale

TinWonder is a 10+ years of tin box factory in China, and all our technicians, workers, quality control people and sales people are professional in each working field.

We supply tea tin containers to many world famous-brands in USA, UK, Sri Lanka and Russia. We can fully meet their requests on new tin shape developing, top-quality printing, and high quality control. As a professional tea tin manufacturer, Tinwonder aims for high-quality tea tins making and long-term partnerships with all our clients.

What are Tea Tins Made of?

Tea tins are made of tinplate, like cookie tins, chocolate tins. Tin is a lazy element, which is plated on iron sheet to prevent iron get rusting easily as well as keep interior products fresh long possible. Tins and interior lacquers are foods safe, no problem to pass FDA and EN71 testing.

Do Tea Tins Keep Tea Fresh? Are Tea Tins Airtight?

Yes, tins are better in keeping tea fresh than other packages. Some styles of tin lids can have the tea tin airtight, and contribute to the freshly keeping and storage.

Can Tea Tins Be Refilled and Reused?

Yes, if you are containing the same tea as before, like both green tea tins, no problem just pouring the teas into the tea tins and close the cover. If you are containing different tea, better to eliminate the former tea’s smell before usage.

How to Clean Tea Tins?

It is not suggested to wash tins directly with water, but you can clean the tea tins with wet clean close. After cleaning, dry it up. Try to be careful, to avoid scratches the surface lacquer, which is protecting the tins from rusting easily.

Are Tea Tins Recyclable?

Yes, tea tins can be refilled and reused for storage. Compared with packaged in other materials, metal tins are the most one to be recycled. It is reported that over 90% of iron can be recycled finally, due to its magnetism for easier detecting.

How to Order Custom Tea Tins in Bulk?

We have one separate page telling the tin box order process in detail.

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