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Your Trustable Professional Tea & Coffee Tin Cans Supplier in China

TinWonder, as an one-stop coffee and tea tin can manufacturer, has below most popular tin molds and more.

coffee tin canister rectangle clip lid 106x76x188 370
Double-layer tinplate lid with wire lock is air tight enough for packing coffee beans and loose tea leaves. Tin body height is modifable for free.
coffee tin can tea tin 106x120 370
Coffee can is with a air-tight plug-in lid with rubber ring, it is food safe, most popular and suitable size for coffee powder or beans packing.
coffee tin tea tin rectangle canister with opening 140x85x195
Coffee beans can be placed into tins directly, tin lid tight enough, no need to oftenly open, just turn up the opening for pouring.
tea tin coffee tin clip lid 370
Air tight metal tin can is air tight, food safe, and can be printed in custom logo and design. Body height is modifiable for free.
6oz square tin with lever lid
This tin can be made in plain textured tinplate and applied with label, also printable. Suiting 6oz coffee or chocolate powder.
small stacking tea tins 70x100 370
Each single tin can can be stacked onto other tin cans and safe stacked on top. Different flavors can be combined into whole set packing.
round lever lid tin can for ponder
Tin can can be custom printed, air-tight enough for coffee powders and chocolate powders. Height is modifable.
air tight tea caddy with pillow lid 80x119 370
Pillow Lid ensures the tin air tight enough; top knob suits easier opening up. Automatic production line existing to ensure it cost effective.
square tea tin with lever lid square coffee powder tin
Square metal tin with round plug-in lever lid suits well for tea packing and for powders packing; height modificable for free.

More metal tea tins below, welcome to contact us for customized tin orders! (6)

coffee tin can 670x380

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