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Your One-Stop Sweets Tin Boxes Making Factory in China

TinWonder is a 10+ years professional metal tin cans and boxes supplier, aiming for wonderful tins and long-term partnership.

Product Features

food safe symbol
LFGB Testing

All our made tins are food safe, no problem to pass LFGB testing in EU.

recycling tin

Tin cans are environment friendly, over 95% tins are recycled.

FDA certificated
FDA Certificate

Our produced tin cans could pass FDA testing in USA, food safe packging.

EN71 100x100
EN71 Testing

Our cans could pas EN71 heavy metal testing in EU, safe enough for food and sweets.

Professional Cookie Tins Supplier

Freshly made cookies are always tantalizing, how to keep them fresh long enough? Putting them into tin cans is the first choice. Tins are stronger than paper or plastic pack, tin element could keep the cookies longer than other packs. TinWonder has been producing and supplying delicate cookie tins for over 10 years.

christmas cookie tins custom print
high quality chocolate tins

Top Qulity Chocolate Tin Boxes Manufacturer

Chocolates bring us sweetest memories, a elite chocolate tin box is fancy plus. Tempting chocolates delicately displayed inside a exquisite tin box can be a big art. TinWonder is able to offer top quality printing effects and ingenious tin box making techniques, and our made chocolate tins add much more value to the brands.

One-Stop Candy Tin Boxes Supplier

Various candies are an integral part of festivals. Tin cans can be good pack and container. Holiday elements printed tin boxes decorated the living room, add joyful atmosphere to the whole house. TinWonder offers candy tins in various sizes, shapes, and any custom design offset printing, with regular or special varnish effects.

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mint tins custom print

Reliable Mint Tins Making Factory

Mints fresh us daily, monthly and yearly. Tin cases are the best choice for the mint tins packaging, and small tins are solid and portable, suiting for travel. TinWonder offers wide ranges of mint tins, different shapes, sizes, and structures. All our mints tins are made using automatic production lines, competitive prices are safely assured.

TinWonder is a 10+ years tin box manufacturer, aiming for high-quality tins and long-term partnership.

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High Speed Automatic Production Lines

TinWonder is applying more and more automatic production lines. All our seamless tins making are automatically, and most of 3 pieces of tin boxes in large order quantity are automatically produced. These highly increase our production speed and decrease the unit prices.

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Dust-Free Packing Workshop

We have our own dust-free packing workshop to pack food tins. Each tin is stricted inspected before packing into cartons or pallets. We also pack the inserts or trays into tin cans if needed, so clients could directly pack sweets or cookies into tins.

candy tins nut tins
Wanting to know more about our factory or our sweets tins, just contact us!

As a professional food tin cans suppliers, TinWonder offers various tin boxes, covering cookies tins, biscuits tins, sugar tins, and more.

Could our cookies directly contact with tin cans?

Yes, all our tin cans are food safe. If you are hoping to clean use the cookie tins, you’d better to divide cookies from tins with some oil papers. With no oils in tin cans, it is much easier to clean and re-use.

I need a special shaped mint tins, can you customize tin tooling?

Yes, just share your packing idea, we could develop 3D drawing, prototype for your confirmation, then go into tin mold development, tin samples making.

Are your a cookie tins wholesaler?

No, we do not wholesale cookie tins, we have no stock but we customize according to clients’ request, with client’s designs. For each size’s customization, we can start from MOQ 3000pcs.

I need top quality tins for my chocolate brands, can you achieve?

Yes, TinWonder follows “Quality First, Clients Centered”. To have top quality, we use 1st grade tinplate and print in the top quality printing partners, and carefully produce and strict quality control. For high quality, you can rely on us.

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