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TinWonder offers tin boxes that are used for stationery packaging, including round tin cans for packing pencils, color pencils, stationery tin box, pencil tin case, pen metal case, flat tin case for color pencils, flat tin case for crayons, tin box for paint colors, tin palettes, coin tin banks, card tin boxes, etc..

Below lists some of them, for more, just feel free to contact us!

pencil tin cases with hinged lid
Eco-friendly metal tin case pencil tin case wholesale in textured silver tinplate
tin case for 10 pencils
10 color pencils packaging tin case with hinged lid and with custom print logo welcome customization
tin case for 12 color pencils
12 color pencils tin packaging case with hinged lid with custom logo printing and stamp embossing
tin case for 12 color pencils crayons
12 pieces of pencils tin packaging tin case with plastic insert for pencils well fitting
tinplate case for 24 color pencils
24 color pencil tin box with clear window on lid support customization print and size
tin case for 24 colour prencils
24 color pencils tin packaging container with hinged lid together and with metal tray
tin box tin case for 36pcs of color pencils
36 color pencila tin case large size pencil tin box wholesale and custom tin order
large tin case for 48pcs of color pencils
48pcs color pencils tin pack with hinged lid and with custom tailored plastic tray
12 color paint tin palette
12 color paint palette in tinplate support single layer and two layers tinplate palette
24 color paint tin palette
24 color paint tin palette with lid and with custom print in two layers for tin customization
tin box for 48 crayons 24 crayons
24 crayons tin case with hinged lid metal tin box for 24 crayons with custom print logo and embossing
pencil tin case pen tin holder
Narrow tin case with hinged lid and decorative printing for pen or pencil packaging also with EVA or foam trays
Tin Coin banks in gas can or oil can style shape with coin slot at top for money saving tin container
glasses metal tin cases with hinged lid and soft inlay
Support size and print and insert customization suitable size used as sunglasses tin specticle tin case packaging
raw rolling paper tin case container with hinged lid classic
115x38x10mm tin size rolling paper tin container portable pocket size welcome custom print

TinWonder has the whole range of color pencils tin cases, from 6 pencils, 10 pencils, 12 pencils, 24 pencils, 36 pencils to 48 pencils.

You can feel free to reach us to get the best price and save your tin tooling developing cost.

color pencil tin cases with sizes

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