What is the MOQ for the round tin can?

For each size, we can start custom design tin order from 3000pcs.

Can you make custom tin mold?

Yes, we can develop new mold basing on your tin idea, shape, size, etc., to better fit your packing expectation.

Your size is close to mine, can you modify a little to close ours?

Our existing tin heights can be modified to any sizes that you need, while length and with could not change, as mold is fixed.

How many colors can I print in the designs?

For best printing effects, we can allow 4 pantone colors on one printing model. If you have more colors, it is suggested to convert some un–important colors into CMYK, then we print CMYK+4 pantone.

What is the lead time?

7-10 days for color sampling with existing molds

25-35 days for mass production after samples’ confirmation

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