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TinWonder is able to offer creative tin boxes developing and making, aiming for wonderful tins and long-term cooperation.

What is novelty tin boxes?

Novelty tin boxes are tin boxes with unique shapes or structures, which are special from regular round shape and rectangle shape. They can be developed into any shapes or styles to meet clients’ marketing expectations. When setting on shelves, the novelty tins are most attractive and easiest to be chosen to buy.

TinWonder has various unique tins molds existing, here list some of them.

Christmas tins

Many novelty tins are created mainly for Christmas season sales promotion. We have many existing shapes for them, covering Christmas tree shaped tins, star shaped tins; you can know more on the separate page.

three part eggg tin cans

Egg tins are mainly used for Easter season promotion; they can be used for packing candies also for festive ornaments. We have different styled and sized tin eggs, and have separate page for it, where you can know more.

heart shaped tin boxes for sweets

Heart shaped tins are most welcome in Valentine and Christmas, we have separate page for heart shaped tins, where you can see different sized and structured tin boxes, one of them must could fit your packing demands.

jeep car shaped tins

Vehicle shaped tin boxes are attractive for kids, and well used for kids foods packaging. We have separate page for them, covering, car shaped tins, jeep shaped tins, bus shaped tins, etc.



book shaped tins

Book shaped tin boxes fit high-end packing needs, they are good for packing chocolates, candies, tea, etc. We have below four existing sized mods: Mini book tin: 113*94*35 mm, small size book tin: 158*132*36 mm, medium size book tin: 170*170*45 mm, regular book sized tin: 193*150*40 mm

Music moduel Carousel tin can rotating

Carousel tin cans are usually music tin boxes, as music modules are usually assembled inside the tin cans. Only the empty tin can can be a nice gift for children or friends. We have three existing sizes: 153Dx170Hmm, 185Dx205Hmm, 225Dx219Hmm.


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More Shapes Below, and Welcome to Contact Us to Custom Your Exclusive Tin Molds.

  • triangle tin for chocolate biscuit
    Triangle Tin Box

    We have triangle shaped tin boxes, they can be wide, and they can be vertical, and also can be air tight. They are very good for packing teas, cookies, chocolates, candies, etc.

  • hexagon tin box for cookie
    Hexagon Tin Box

    We have hexagon shaped tin molds existing; we have 2-pc deep drawn structure for beeswax candles, and wide tins for cookies packing with trays inside.

  • Octagonal tin octangle tin box 170x170x52 370
    Octangle Tin Box

    We have octagonal tin boxes molds, smaller size is for moon cake, wider ones suit for cookies and chocolate packaging. Contact us for more details.

  • house shaped tin box for chocolate cookies
    House Shaped Tin Boxes

    We have this house shaped tin box mold, tin size is 230x160x75mm, very good for decorative print and display, suiting for Halloween and Christmas festive promotions.

  • special shaped candy tin box train shaped tin
    Train Engine Shaped Tins

    Train shape tin box is compost two parts, both parts can be opened and packed with products, they are kids’ favorite. Our existing mold size is 175x85x100mm.

  • shipping container shaped tin box stack-able
    Shipping Container Style Tin Boxes

    Container shaped tin boxes are look very similar to the actual containers, we have two existing sized mold, one is big, the other is mini, both of them are stack-able structured with bottom on lid and both are air tight.

Design Ablility

We have experienced mold design technicians to turn your packing ideas into actual tin boxes. With your shape idea, we can draw 2D graphic, 3D drawing and then prototypes for the double confirmation; then we move to mold developing procedures.

tin box design 3D prototype
tin box factory tinwonder

Inhouse Mold Developing

We have over 10 experienced mold making technicians working at our own mold workshop, we could finish one set of tin molds quickly and with high quality. The inhouse technique support also ensures the smooth tins developing and mass productions.

Automatic Production Line

We are applying more and more automatic production lines into our punching workshop, the automatic production saves much labor and increases the production speed, also decreases the product defective rate. Then we could have competitive pricing for our clients.

automatic production 570x360

Christmas Novelty Tins

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