Eight Procedures to Order Custom Tin Box


How to order Custom Tin Box


When coming to a packing demand, metal tins are getting more and more conspicuous. If you are in need of stocked tin cans, you can go to tin box wholesalers: looking for plain tins for your spices, candles or loose teas, you can log onto Specialty Bottles, Paper Mart, SKS Bottles or Candle & Supplier websites; looking for holiday and seasonal tins to pack your cookies or sweets, you can go to Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby stores or their websites; Or You can find suitable tin cans at Amazon. Plain tins or stocked tins are not custom tin box, and this article mainly focuses on the custom tin box order procedures.


What is Custom Tin Box?

Custom tin box is a tin box with customization, which is based on one’s particular requests, to fully meet the specific product’s packing demands.


What is tin box customization?

To customize tin box, you can decide the tin’s shape, size and structure. (We have the other article introducing tin box structure in detail, which can help you on your new tin development.) And customized tin boxes can be printed with your own design and logo, and coated with your preferred surface lacquer – gloss, matte, partial matte, crackle, pearl, etc. And your logo or key design elements can be 2D or 3D embossed or de-bossed for more vivid displaying. It is also ok to add up see-through window, locking system, trays, cardholders and so on.


What are procedures of ordering customized tin boxes?

tin box order procedures

  1. Finding Mold

Be clear about the shape and sizes that you need, and reach the tin box suppliers to see if there are in-house molds with close sizes; as tin mold costs thousands of dollars, and it is a issue for the thousands pieces of tin orders. If existing molds are not found, new mold developing is needed.


  1. Request for Quote

To have a quote needs tin shape, tin size, printing request (CMYK or Pantone), quantity, trading terms (FOB, CIF or DDP).


  1. Prepare Artworks

Request the die-cut drawing from the tin box supplier and start the artworks.


  1. Pre-Production Samples (PPS) Making and Approval

The confirmed PPS samples are to set standard for the following mass production – on tin colors, size and structures.


  1. Mass Production

Once having the PPS samples approved, the mass production can start – tinplate sheet sourcing, tin sheet off-set mass printing, sheet cutting into pieces, tins-forming, packing into cartons.


  1. Inspection

You can request the factory internal QC report, or you can arrange a 3rd party pre-shipment inspection. The 3rd party can be SGS, ITS, QIMA and others.


  1. Shipping

Once the tins are passed the inspection, you can arrange the shipment. There are forwards and brokers in charge of the whole process of shipment and customs clearance.


  1. Customized Fancy Tins Promote Your Sales!


Tin box making is a big industry, and have over 20 years’ history in China; there are experienced sales people in most of export-oriented tin box factories. Even you are a new user of tin packaging, no worry, they are to guide you and push forward step by step. TinWonder is an over 10 years tin box making factory, offering high-quality tin boxes, aiming for long-term partnership with all clients. Just come to TinWonder with an idea, you are having full-satisfactory service and tin products.

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