How to Better Protect Your Pre Rolls

To roll a marijuana joint, you may need cone, rolling tray, grinder and also right place and enough time. You may roll multi ones at one operation for more days’ enjoyment. They may get mold and out of flavor if they are not kept well and right.
How to better protect pre rolls?
To keep pre rolls fresh long enough, they are needed to store in airtight humidity-stable, strong-light-proof environment.

When at home, they can be stored in the pills doob tubes, airtight mason jars or zipper lock mylar bags, and place them in cool and dark place like drawer or closet. If there are kids living together with you, please choose the containers with child resistant locks or caps and hide them out of kids’ reach.
What to do when you go outside? If you are taking one pre-roll joint with you, place it inside the pop-top tube or glass tube or the narrow tin case, and their internal space is better to be just right for one joint, with no extra space for wiggling around; zipper bag is not suggested, which maybe crashed easily. What to do when you are taking numerous prerolls with you? Mason jar or tall tin canister is not suggested, as it is not easy to hold the pre rolls unmoved; then better to use flat containers, like slider matchboxes or tin cases. Slider matchboxes are made of solid cardboard, with paper trays to separate and hold each pre rolls; tin cases are made of tinplate, more solid and support long-time use, and support different material inserts for securing pre rolls. And you can easily get these two kinds of boxes from pre roll brands, most of them choose them for their multipack package, and they can be reusable.
Why Choose Tins for Pre-Rolls MultiPack?
Compared with packages made of other materials, tins are strong and solid enough to ensure the longest time of reusage; with brand logo and elements printed on the tin, longer time usage means longer time advertisement expose. And Tins can be solid assembled with different kinds of child proof locks to ensure the cannabis package compliable. With hinges and latches, tins can be airtight and smell-proof to ensure the longest shelf life. And tins support multi inserts inside for higher demands of packaging.
What are Options of MultiPack Inserts?
Below are tray inserts options that are used inside pre roll tin boxes most commonly, there are advantages and disadvantages listed, pre roll brands can make the decisions basing the project budges. All the trays can be one part of package for consumers long-period reusages.
1. Plastic Blister:
Cheap and fast to develop mold, one blister mold costs around US$100; and each cavity can be customized neatly, and most cost effective
2. Paper Tray:
Support fully custom print, eco friendly and recyclable, but not the most cost-effective one due to much labor folding is needed.
3. Metal Tray:
Support fully custom print, recyclable, physically heavy feeling and higher grade; but tooling developing cost is higher (around US$1000) and tray cost is higher than the above two ones.
4. Rubber Tray or Silicone Tray:
It is most kind luxury option for pre roll inserts, with silicone pad at top internal tin lid and with a silicone tray in tin base, all internal tin is covered by the silicone, thus it can be completely airtight. The tray supports different cavities options but tooling developing cost is not cheap – around US$1000, and unit price is the most expensive one among all these trays.

Pre roll joints consumption is increasing year by year, and there are more and more brands appearing. When it comes to customized pre roll packaging, there are so many to consider: if the new packages can keep and secure my pre rolls fresh and long enough? If they are environment friendly? If they support consumers happy reusage? For our brands, our consumers, and our planet, better packaging matters

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