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Your Professional Holiday Tins Supplier

Wondering to boost your sales in holiday seasons? We can help! TinWonder offers one-stop custom decorative tins making service.

  • Christmas santa tin box
  • valentine's day heart shaped tins
  • Easter tin pail
  • Halloween tins
  • Christmas santa tin box
  • valentine's day heart shaped tins
  • Easter tin pail
  • Halloween tins

Holiday Tins in Your Own Decoration

Holidays are the best sales seasons along the year, festival elements decorated metal tin package contributes a lot.

  • Festival tins intensify the festival atmosphere
  • Decorated tins are more vivid and eye-catching
  • Festive tins fit all social activities in the festivals
  • Festival decorated tins can be household decoration
  • Fancy holiday tins add your brand value

Product By Shapes

Almost all shapes of tin boxes can be festive tins once they are printed with festival elements, here we list some regular ones. You can know more by contact us.

Round holiday tin cans

Round shape is most regular one, we have wide range of round cans, ranging from 41 to 320mm in diameter and 20 to 350mm in height, fitting all holiday packing expectations.

Square cookie tins holiday tins

Square or rectangle tins takes over half of existing tooling lists, we have wide ranges of sizes from small to large. One of them must fit well your products.

Heart shape holiday tins

Heart shaped tins with sweets filled are not slipping out of your eyes in Valentine’s day. Heart tins add honey to the romatic. We have existing molds large and small.

special shape santa tins

Special shaped tins are unique and eye-catching, rose shape for Valentine’s Day, rabbit shape for Easter, skull shape for Halloween, etc.. We can custom any shapes that clients needs.

decorative painted tin pails

Tinplate made pails fit for Easter, Halloween and Christmas festivals promotions when they are printed or painted with custom design. With handle, easy to take, attractive to kids.

ornament tin egg tin ball

Egg shaped and ball shaped tins, printed with festive designs and with hanging ribbon, are very good holiday decorations. With small gifts inside, they can be very good promotional items.

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Product By Festivals

Each festival is with their own decorative elements and styles, and with their own regular using tin shapes.

  • Christmas tins

    Christmas holiday is the most peaking sales season in most western countries, and it covers most tin shapes, from round, square, to special shapes likes Santa, star, trees, etc..

  • valentine's day sweets tins

    For valentine’s day promotions, heart shape is the primary choice, red and pink is the main decoration colors. We have various sized heart shapes for your choice.

  • halloween tin pails printed tin buckets

    Tin pails are mostly chosen for Halloween, printed with Halloween festive elements, and kids like them best on “trick or treat”.

  • three sections egg tin with openable lid

    Egg shape is mostly used for Easter promotion, we have eggs to open left and right, and to open from top side, with sizes from small to big.

Top Quality Printers

Our printing partners have the most advanced offset printing machines and experienced printing technicians. They use the Toyo printing inks and lacquers. All these ensure our tins in top printing quality.

tinplate offset printing machine
tin box making production line

Automatic Production Lines

We are applying more and more automatic lines in our punching workshop. The automatic tin box making lines increase our production efficiency and decrease our production defectage and stable the product quality.

Strict Quality Control

Our factory follows ISO9001 management system, and we apply strict quality control during the whole tin box making process. All our materials and tin boxes are food safe, cleaned, assembled and packed in the dust free workshop.

clean packing workshop
holiday tins
One-Stop Custom Holiday Tins Manufacturer

Looking for decorative Christmas tin in bulk for your nuts, cookies, biscuit, popcorns? TinWonder are your best choice!

If your queries are out of below ones, you can feel free to contact us.

Are you A Christmas tins wholesaler?

We do not stock Christmas tins, but we custom make them starting from MOQ 3000pcs. We can offer design service and you can use our existing tin molds.

I need to order Christmas cookies tins, are your tins food safe?

Yes, all our tinplate, printing ink and lacquers are food safe, and could pass EN71 and FDA testing. Tins are packed in dust free workshop, and cookies can be placed into tins directly.

Do you make holiday tins for nuts?

Yes, we have wide range of existing molds suiting for nuts packing, and we offer plastic trays for better dividing and protecting nuts. Both tins and trays are food safe.

I am in need of holiday popcorn tins, do you have anything for me?

Yes, we can customize popcorn tins in your design and sizes. We have many existing molds for popcorn, in regular round shape or in conical shape, capacities in half quart, quart, 1 gallon, 2 gallon and 3 gallon.

I need empty metal tins to pack my candies for Christmas sales, when should I start?

To start from July latest, June better, timing line as below:

  • design and tin mold decided in early July
  • 10 days for pre-production sampling, 7 days for samples courier
  • Samples confirmation by end of July
  • 30 days for mass production
  • 30-40 days for shipping, to arrive at co-packing warehouse by middle October
  • Then you have November for products shipping and on shelves.
  • Big sales season in December
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