As a custom heart shaped tin box manufacturer in China, we have below existing heart tins and more.

clear window candle tin heart shape

60x60x27mm small heart tin with window lid, suiting mints candies packing

mini heart tin for mint

58x58x28mm, small heart shaped tin box with lid suiting travel soap, mints packing

medium sized heart tin 125x115x48

125x115x48mm, medium sized chocolate heart tin box with lid

large size heart tin 182x178x46 -

182x178x46Hmm, custom design decorative heart shaped tin box with slip lid

vertical straight heart tin

190x180x58Hmm, vertical straight heart shaped tin box with plug-in tin lid

clear window heart tin for cookies

Three existing sizes – small, medium and large, each with see-through PVC window heart tin

Top Quality Heart Shaped Tin Box Manufacturer

Heart shaped tin box is one popular shape for chocolate packaging, and it is most popular in Valentine’s day promotion and Christmas season promotion.

TinWonder is a professional tin box making factory in China, aiming for top-quality tins, full-satisfactory service and long-term cooperation partnership.

cookie tin box heart shape with clear window lid

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Besides heart shaped tins, round shape, rectangle shaped tins, Tinwonder is able to customize any shape that you are after.

chocolate tin box heart tins

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