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actual egg sized egg tin 56x75mm
  • Size: 56Dx75Hmm / 2.2×2.95″
  • Structure: 2-pc, left and right, not standing
  • With hanging ring and tag, custom print, for decoration
  • Packing mints, marshmallow, automatic making, cost effective
flat base egg tin medium size
  • Size: 85Dx130Hmm / 3.35×5.12″
  • Structure: 2-pc, left and right, flat laying
  • automatic production line, high efficiency
  • Packing chocolate, cookies, marshmallow
standing tall egg tin 68x106mm
  • Size: 68Dx106Hmm / 2.78×4.18″
  • Structure: 2-pc, left and right, flat base for upright standing
  • automatic production line, high efficiency
  • Packing candies, chocolate, cookies, marshmallow
3 part egg tin standing egg
  • Size: 85Dx130Hmm / 3.35×5.12″
  • Structure: 3-pc, up, middle and base, lid removable, flat bottom for standing
  • Seamed middle part / not deep drawn, suitable for designs application
  • Packing candies, chocolate, cookies
top and bottom up and down egg shaped tin
  • Size: 105Dx160Hmm / 4.13×6.30″
  • Structure: 2-pc, up and down, flat bottom for standing
  • Large base size, ok to have inserts for multi-function
  • Packing candies, chocolate, cookies, cosmetic tubes
flat egg shaped tin box with clear window lid
  • Size: 210x120x32Hmm / 8.27×4.73×1.26″
  • Structure: 3-pc structure, curl in bottom, slip lid with transparent window in lid
  • Most suitable for decoration, no limiations for any printing patterns
  • Large capacity, tin height modifiable

chocolate tin box egg shape

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