TinWonder is a professional candle tin cans manufacturer, able to offer high quality leak-proof candle tins with competitve price.

decorative candle tins

Capacity is around 12oz, support custom print and custom label print

The seamed body gives more design display possibility as no need to consider deep drawn issue.

square shape decorative candle tin leak proof

Fancy style candle tin box innovative shape and style.

It looks like your tea tin, but it is a candle tin! Impressive candle packaging choice.

tuna can style candle tin can leak proof

Also fancy tin jar, support double side printing with custom color and design

Multi body heights available for 4oz candles 8oz candles 12oz and 20oz candle tins

luxury candle tin jar decorative leak proof

It is luxury style candle tin can, helpful for brands promotion

Capacity is 16oz, high quality assurance.

Hexagon candle tin with lid decorative

Hexagon shape like bee hive shape, very popular shape for bee wax pacakging

Interior seamless tin insert could assure no leaking, two sizes available.

candle tin jars with deep tin cover illume

Two existing sizes available:66Dx58Hmm for 3-4oz capacity, 100Dx85Hmm for 10-12oz candle capacity

Support customization, more details you can see the video by click the photo

metal tin candle vessels with covers luxury styles


TinWonder is a professional decorative candle tins manufacturer in China.

We can custom mass print and mass produce both the seamless shallow candle tins and the seamless deep candle tins.

We can also custom print and make the regular round, square and rectangle tins leakiproof used as metal tin boxes for candle making.

We welcome your contact and inquiry. TinWonder aims for high-quality metal tins and long-term partnership.

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