Child Proof Round Tin Cans for Marijuana CBD Gummies Packaging

As an experienced child resistant tin cans manufacturer in China, TinWonder appreciates cr tin jar’s below advantages:

  • Reliable child proof function: child lock mechanism is mature, either on glass jars or on tin jars
  • CR tin jars keep CBD gummies and THC mints fresh and prolong their expiration date
  • CR Tins are decorative, easy to print and emboss to have eye-catching effects
  • CR metal cans are solid, air tight, water proof and smell proof.
CR tin jar for gummies -

TinWonder has below gummies tin jars molds existing

gummies tin jar with screw lid child resistant
  • size: 70Dx25H mm / 2.76Dx1.0H inch
  • Material: tinplate top and base and plastic screw connectors
  • Usage: packing pills, mints, chocolate bites, chews, etc.
gummies tin jar with screw
  • size: 70Dx40H mm / 2.76Dx1.58H inch
  • Material: tinplate top and base and plastic screw connectors
  • Usage: packing gummies, chews, mints, chocolate bites, etc.
tall tin jar for gummies child resistant
  • size: 76Dx152H mm / 3Dx6H inch
  • Material: tinplate lid and body, plastic screw connectors
  • Usage: weed stash can or packing cali, cookies, sweets
edible gummies tin cans with screwing child proof lid
  • size: 80Dx30H mm / 3.15Dx1.18H inch
  • Material: tinplate lid and base, plastic screw connectors
  • Usage: packing edibles, gummies, mints
child proof chocolate bites tin can
  • size: 78Dx28H mm / 3.08Dx1.10H inch
  • Material: complete tinplate, silicon ring for air tight if necessary
  • Usage: packing edibles, gummies, chocolate bites
child proof tin jar gummies
  • size: 78Dx28H mm / 3.07Dx1.10H inch
  • Material: complete tinplate
  • Usage: packing chews, edibles, gummies, chocolate bites

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TinWonder is a professional child proof tin jars supplier, aiming for wonderful tins and long term partnership with all our clients.

TinWonder could offer Child resisitant tin jars with many sizes and with compliant certifications, as well as custom decorative printing.

cannabies edible gummies tin can child proof -

How to Open Camino Gummies Tin?
Why I cannot open the cbd gummies tin?
  1. To protect marijuana products from kids, all gummies packaging are with child resistant function; to open the cr packaging, you need to check if any instruction on the package which could guide you to open it; or you can google to find out the way to open the corresponding cr packaging;
  2. If you still could not open the packaging with the ways that you know, it might be child proof mechanism is not reliable or tins are get damaged which affects the CR function.
  3. Tinwonder is professional in child resistant tins developing and making, our strict QC would ensure all CR tins are with reliable workable child resistant function, which is key to the marijuana products packaging.
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