• child resistant tins with hinged lid for cartridge
  • hinged cigar tins with child lock
  • child proof tin cases cbd oil bites
  • double side locked pre roll tin cases
  • child resistant tins with hinged lid for cartridge
  • hinged cigar tins with child lock
  • child proof tin cases cbd oil bites
  • double side locked pre roll tin cases

Child Resistant Tin Cases with Hinged Lids

Size: Existing mold sizes as below
Structure:2 2 pieces flat tin with hinged lid
Lock Mechanism: Press buttons and turn over
Box Material: 0.23mm tinplate
Usage: Packing pre rolls, cartidges, vaporizer
Insert Options: Metal, plastic, paper, EVA foam
Printing: CMYK or pantone colors offset printing
MOQ: 5000pcs per size with custom print

Why Choose CR Tin Cases with Hinged Lid?

As a professional child proof tin boxes supplier in China, we can see below shining points on them:

  • “Buttons” lock mechanism is tested and approved child resistant
  • Straight and upright tins appearance are refreshing
  • Tins with tight hinged lids are air tight
  • Hinged lids are simple and convenient to cover
  • 2-pc structured tins new mold developing is fast and cost effective


white black hinged tin case child resistant

Button Lock Michanism

Button-lock is composed of one or two buttons and two rivets. Some buttons are made of plastic, some made of metal; both buttons and rivets can in custom color to comply with tins’ main design tone.

button lock on tin box child safe
CR hinged tin cases sizes

CR Tin Cases with Buttons at Long Side

Most hinged lid CR tin cases are with child proof button lock at the long side, these four sizes are stock molds, and our inhouse mold department could also custom new molds to meet your specific needs.

Existing sizes in MM as left, and in Inches as below:

2x2x0.6″  /  3.15×2.29×0.6″   /   3.67×2.67×0.55″  / 4.73×2.29×0.6″

CR Tin Cases with Lock at Short Sides

Some CR tin cases are wtih one-button lock at each side of their short side, that is two locks on one tin, which is more safe from kids openning, and the existing mold size we have is 3.98×3.98×0.6″.

Some child proof tin cases are with button locks and hinges at the short side, we have this size: 4.18×2.88×0.63″;

We can also develop specific sized tins with locks and hinge added on the specific sides that you expect.

hinged tin case sizes
flat tin box for 10 pcs of delta 8 mini pre rolls shorties tin packaging

Mini Pre roll Tin Box with hinged lid

Mini pre rolls are also called shorties. And this tin case is perfect for 10 pcs of shorties packaging.

Its size is 80x70x14mm, with wire hinged lid, and with two “dots” to ensure the tin lid tightly closed.

This size is slim and right, just perfect for pocket. It is also ok to apply insert for better protection.

Support custom logo and full colors printing.

Child Resistant Tin Boxes for cannabis infused gummies mints and edibles

This is the most popular size for cannabis products packaging.

80x58x15mm with press button lock, and support custom tailored food grade trays.

With trays, it could best fit 3pcs of mini pre rolls or 5pcs of mini pre rolls, as well as mint, pills, gummies.

Welcome customized tin orders for production

childproof tin box with button lock for 3pcs 5pcs shorties mini pre rolls CR tin box for CBD mints gummies

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TinWonder offers a wide range of child resistant tins, which are widely used for packing cali, gummies, chews, mints, joints, pre rolls, etc.

Custom pre roll tins wholesale, metal joint tin boxes wholesale, TinWonder is your reliable choice!

tin box for shorties mini pre rolls
metal tin case for shorties mini pre rolls
How are Child Resistant Tins are made in China tin factory? Here is our factory's production line.
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