TinWonder is a professional novel vehicle shaped tins supplier, below wheeled tins are our most popular porduced ones.

truck shaped tin box
  • Item code: TW 6232
  • Structure: truck shaped metal tins with moving wheels
  • Size: 255x73x91mm
  • A great choice for brand promotion as a gift premium tin packaging
racing car shaped tin box
  • Item code: TW 6216
  • Structure: racing car metal tins, with empty tin box and slip lid and moving wheels
  • Size: 198x125x57mm
  • With removable lid, tin base is large enough for products tin packaging
small school bus tin box with handle
  • Item code: TW 6532
  • Structure: lunch tin box in school bus style, with handle and lock and moving wheels
  • Size: 202x112x123mm
  • It can be a lunch tin box and can also be a lovely gift tin in bus shape
Jeep shaped tin box Van shaped tin box
  • Item code: TW 6110
  • Structure: Jeep tin box van style tin box with wheels and with slip lid
  • Size: 170x77x97Hmm
  • Jeep car shape metal tin support custom logo print, great for holiday promotion
school bus tin box with wheels
  • Item code: TW 6020
  • Structure: bus tin box, flush lid, with and without wheels
  • Size: 150x70x100Hmm
  • Fancy and cute school bus tin box with vertical style body, attractive tin
van shaped tin box
  • Item code: TW 7020
  • Structure: big French van style tin box and with moving wheels
  • Size: 200x80x95mm
  • Van shaped tin box, great choice for chocolate tin packaging. Click photo for video.

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Tinwonder is a professional tin box supplier in China, with over 2000 sets of existing molds for your choice.

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