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Professional Marijuana Tin Packaging Supplier in China

We offer one-stop tin packaging services for all ranges of cannabis products,

from new mold design, custom production to DDP shipping service.

  • Child resistant edibles gummies tin cans
  • child resistant hinged lid tin cases
  • child resistant slide top tin case for pre rolls
  • hand seal pressitin tin can for dry flowers
  • Child resistant edibles gummies tin cans
  • child resistant hinged lid tin cases
  • child resistant slide top tin case for pre rolls
  • hand seal pressitin tin can for dry flowers

Why Choose Tins for Marijuana Products Packaging

Tin boxes take primary part in packaging field; and tins are becoming the best package choice for weed products currently.

  • Tins are solid enough to protect brittle weed cali or rolls
  • Tins are decorative, food safe and fresh keeping
  • Tins can be air tight, smell proof, and water proof
  • Tins with lock mechsnisms can be child resistant

Weed Tins By Features

sliding tins child proof tins

Sliding top tin cases can be child proof when they are added “press and slide” lock. They are perfect for pre rolls, cartridge and vaporizer packaging.

child proof tin cases with hinged lid

Hinged lid tin cases are child resistant when they are assembled with “buttons” lock, and they are perfect for cartrige, cbd mints, gummies, etc..

easy seal tin can for hemp flowers

Pressitin metal cans are with sealed EOE on top and separate hand-press base, they are smell proof, suiting best for weed cali packaging.


eddibles tin jars press and screw lid

Tin cans are assembled with plastic screws with child proof function; the stable lock function suits excellent for edibles, gummies and bites packaging.

87x80 straight round jar hookah flavors

Air tight tins with or without see-through window are perfect for hookah flavors packing, multi existing sizes suit for 200-1000g capacity packing.


child proof tin jar 79x28mm

Tin cans are child proof, with no plastic parts, totally made of tinplate; environment-friendly, food safe, excellent for chews, mints, chocolate bites packaging.

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Child Proof Cannabis Tin Boxes

child proof symbol
Child Safe

Tins with child safe locks are tested and certificated as child resistant, fully complied with ASTM & CPSU.

food safe symbol
Food Safe

All our made tins are food safe, no problem to pass all food safe testing in EU and USA, ok to contact with food.

recycling tin

Over 95% tins are recycled, tins are most environment-friendly packaging choice.


FDA certificated
FDA Testing

All our tins can pass the testing according to FDA testing requirements.


Custom Mold Design

We have our own inhouse mold department, and could convert your tin ideas into actual tins. If our stocked thousands sets of molds could not meet your expectation, let us develop exclusive mold for you.


tin box factory tinwonder
tin box printing

Custom Printing

Besides solid white, black colors, we can print your fancy designs onto your tins and varnished your tins with most advanced and special finishes, to boost your tins dull your competitors’.


Fast Production

Our automatic production lines could much increase the production capacity, and shorten the production lead time. Once the preproduction samples are approved, you can count days for mass tins.

tin box making machines
pre rolls package
Still No Idea About How to Have Your Own Printed Tins?

No worry! We are 10+ years of professional tin box making factory, and our sales people could guide you step by step. TinWonder aims for wonderful tins, and long-time partnership.

What are cannabis products package requirements?

  1. Compliant with regulations and laws: each state has different requirements, if products are produced and sold in California, it is Prop 64.
  2. child resistant: cannabis contains THC, which is psychoactive, harmful to children.
  3. tamper-evident: a seal or tag is needed to apply outside package.
  4. resealable if more serving is needed: if the package is to be used for more than one time, it needs to be sealed and keeping child resistant function.

When it comes to a tin package for marijuana goods, the above four points are also to be met.


What is Child Resistant Packaging?

It is a package that a child cannot open easily, but an adult cannot open too difficultly.


What is Child Resistant Certification?

If the cannabis goods to be sold in the states, it has to meet the requirements of Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA, 16 CFR 1700.20)

, and there are many test labs in the states and also in China. The testing needs hundreds of kids’ participation, taking over one month.


What are Materials of Child Resistant Package?

Paper: paper tubes or paper box with press button lock

Plastic: sustainable and biodegradable plastic is preferred, products like mylar bag, pop-top tube

Metal: aluminum canning jar, CR metal tins, copper box, brass tube, etc.


What is Child Resistant Tin?

It is a metal tin box with child resistant function: it can be child resistant slide tin, child resistant tin box with extra assembled lock mechanism, child proof tin can, tin jar or tin cannister with plastic screw lock, and more. They can be made into solid, custom design, air-proof tin cans and smell-proof tin boxes.


What Cannabis Products Need CR Tin Packaging?

As tin box’s shape, size, printing all can be customized, and can be easily rivetted and assembled with lock or other mechanisms, CR tin containers suit most of the cannabis products packaging, such as pre rolls, joints, blunts, edible gummies, CBD candies, weed flowers, vape pens, disposables, cartridges, and more. As a professional custom child resistant tin packaging supplier, TinWonder would like to share the corresponding tins in detail as below:

child resistant tin sliding lock for pre roll vape

Cannabis Extracts Tin Jar:

TinWonder has the 5ml child resistant tin jar, in square shape, with size 50x50x15mm. With rubber pad and rubber tray insert, it is an air-tight, smell-proof child resistant tin box well suiting extracts packaging.


Pre Roll Tins:  

Single packaging pre-roll tin: we have 23mm (0.90”) width metal tin case, to allow the single pre-roll or single joint or blunt laying inside comfortably. And different lengths existing: 98mm, 113mm and 126mm, suiting different sizes from mini pre rolls to king sized pre rolls. More details, pls. check our other page about the preroll sliding tin box.

Joint Case or Joint Holder:

For single joint tin packaging, it is the same as the above. For multipack of joint holder cases, you can refer below one.


Multipack Pre-roll Tins:

TinWonder has wider tin cases with custom tray inserts to well fit multi package of pre rolls, like 3 pack, 5 pack, 7 pack, and 10 pack of mini pre rolls are also possible. We have two different lock systems by now: sliding tin with press and sliding lock and hinged tin with press button lock, each of them with separate page for more details.

button lock child resistant tin box

CR Tins for Vape Pens:  

The single pack can choose the narrow sliding top CR tin; multi pack can choose wider tins with EVA form insert for better protection. Wider tins can be with sliding top or hinged top with button lock.


Child Resistant Tin Box for Cartridge: The same as above paragraph.


Cannabis Flower Packaging Tin Cans:

We have hand-seal tin can with easy open end (EOE) opening, seamer seal tin cans, and transparent PET jars with EOE. We have separate page for these smell-proof air-tight weed tin cans.

child resistant tin cans for gummies

Edible Packaging CR Tin Cans

As an experienced child resistant tin can manufacture, TinWonder has the child proof circle tin jars for edible gummies, and the CR round tin’s lock mechanism is press and screw, with plastic insert assisting screwing or pure tinplate with threads. The sliding tin and hinged rectangle tin case can also be used as gummies tin containers. We have separate page for the round shape child resistant tin cans.

We need eco-friendly tin box with child resistant locks, can you supply?

Yes. We have metal tins with metal locks, with no any plastic used on the whole tin. They are 100% recyclable. Multi existing sizes available, pls. check with us for CR tin box customization.

How to open an child resistant tin jar?
Can your tins pass child safe testing?

Yes, the lock mechanisms on our lock tins are tested by the third party laboratories following USA child safe standards, and are widely used in the markets for years.

What is your MOQ if with my design on tins?

We can start your customized tins mass production from 5000pcs. For lower quantity, like 3000pcs, we can make plain silver or white tins, and you can customize by your own.

What do you need if to develop one safe tray inside the tin?

You can advise your packing request and product sizes; we send CAD drawing for your confirmation; then we make actual samples for your double confirmation.

Can you offer door to door shipping service?

Yes, we are experienced in safe shipping packing, and offer safe and fast door to door shipping service.

What is the lead time?

7 days for color sampling if to use existing tin tooling

15-20 days for new tooling and color sampling if new tooling is needed

5-10 days for samples sending and confirmation

25 days for mass production

20-40 days for shipping

Then 2-3 mooths for the whole process.

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