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Custom Candle Tins Manufacturer

TinWonder is a professional candle tin containers manufacturer in China for over 10 years.

  • Customized candle tins with client’s logo and design
  • Wholesale candle tins in plain silver, gold or black color
  • Wide range of capacited candle tins available from 0.5oz to 16oz
  • All series of candle tins, from normal to luxury style
  • scented soy wax candle tins
  • luxury candle tins
  • Christmas candle tins
  • paint tin can for candle making
  • scented soy wax candle tins
  • luxury candle tins
  • Christmas candle tins
  • paint tin can for candle making

Delicate Candle Tins Decorate Your Life

Candle tins, with your logo and fancy design printed, produced by us in high quality, well suit all circumstances, ornament any festive decorations and warm up every household.

Your brands are promoted, and your sales are boosted in a natural way.

Our printing is exquisite, and our tin making techniques are ingenius.

On high quality candle tins, you can trust us.

Product By Features

Scented candles are very popular in the recent years, many of them are packed in metal tins. We have all the featured tins that you could see in the market.

shallow candle tins with lids

Lid+base=2 pieces, leak proof, lid can be slip or screwed/threaded. Ok to be plain or decorated with customized designs. Some are in regular stock for wholesale.


deep candle tins

Tin base is much deeper than flat one, lids can be slip or screw, solid or with clear window. Plain colors are in regular stock for wholesale; very welcome for customization.

bubble candle tin vessels

Bubble means tins are not vertical, but in a lovely style. Lids can be slip or plug-in. Customized order is welcome on these hot sale tins. Some are in stock for wholesale.

double layer candle tin heat proof

Tin base is composed of two layers, thick enough to be heat proof. Internal layer is deep drawn; outer layer is seamed, well fitting for customized design.


seamed decorative candle tin

What to convert regular tea or cookie tins into candle containers, to out stand on the same shelf of candles? Yes, we can do it safely.

welded candle tin leak proof

Welded tin cans are very good for candle making, as they are leak proof. Ok with customized designs outside tins.


6 Products Found.

Product By Shapes

What is the shape of candle tin? Not only round/circle. We have the ones that you know, and we can create the ones that you want.

  • round candle tins

    Your first idea for candle tin shape must be round, yes, round is most regular, we have them in bulk wholesale.

  • square candle tins with window
    Square Shape

    Seamless square tins are normally used for jelly beans, also ok for candle making. Base is leak proof, lids can be solid or with window.

  • heart shape candle tins with window
    Heart Shape

    Tins are in Love shape, seamless, leakproof, with solid lid or clear window in lid. Fancy style for valentines’ promotion.

  • hexagonal candle tins
    Hexagonal Shape

    It is the shape of Beehive, very suiting for candles with honey poured. This shape can be seamless also can be double-layer heat-proof.

  • bubble candle tins christmas

    Bubble tins pop out of regular shapes in a eye-catching way, printed with holiday themes, fancy packed in the color boxes as gift set.

  • massage tin candle tins with pouring spout

    Seamless Candle tins with pouring spout are mostly used for massage candles. Melted oil nurishes the skin. 2oz, 4oz, 8oz capacity sizes available

Top Grade Material Sheet

Tinplate sheets or aluminum sheets that we use for making metal candle containers are souced from national steelworks, they are high in quality, adequate in plating, exceeding in toughness.

We use them for deep drawn, either in plain tin color or in printed customized designs.

Our made tins shine the whole shelf life.

tinplate sheet
printing ink for deep stretch

Toyo Inks and Lacquers

We cooperate with high quality printers, who use imported Toyo inks and lacquers. The colors they work out dull other competitors.

To have your branded tins outstanding, top-grade material and top-quality printers are necessary.

High quality printed tins add value to your brand in a straight way.


High Ton Punching Machine

To be leak proof, most of candle tin bases are made by deep drawn with 1 piece of tinplate. To have large or deep enough tin bases, high ton punching machines are needed. Our 80-Ton puncing machines are ok to punch 16 ounce candle tin bases.

metal tin punching machine 80T
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Either Normal Wholesales Candle Tins Or Customized Exclusive Candles Tins

For wholesale candles tins, we have flat or deep round ones from 0.5oz to 8oz, in tinplate silver or gold or black color, ready to ship.

For Customization, we have various sizes and shapes to have your designs printed on.

Candle Tins Wholesale

TinWonder has can supply candle tins in bulk, and can support candle tin customizations, like adding up supporting feet, logo stamp, or labels applying, etc.


wholesale candle tin sizes

I would like to see you copper gold candle tins with screw top, can you show me?
Can your factory do a good job on deep drawn tin bases printing?

Yes, it is always an issue with printed designs or colors going bad after deep drawn. Our designers are experienced in adjusting the artwork patterns; and we use the high toughness material and high adhesive printing inks and lacquers, to achieve best possible effect. We pursuit perfection on tins.

I am a fun of 3-pc designed candle tins; is your factory capable of proventing the leaking?

Yes, 3-pc seamed tins are good for well displaying the design patterns and multi-SKUs with each in not big quantities.  We apply specialized glue along the seam lines, and we do leak testing before packing tins into cartons.

I would like to design a novel candle jar, can you help?

Yes, we would like to offer new mold design service, with your idea, we draw 3D photos and make prototype. The novel shaped mold that you thought and we developed is exclusive for you.

What candle tins are you wholesaling?

We produce the whole series of candle tins that are common and bulk on the market, and we have them in some stock and wholesale them, ranging from 0.5oz to 8oz, in flat (narrow) style or deep drawn style, lids in slip or screwing.

What customizing service can you offer on your wholesale tins?

We offer customization service on the bulk stocked tins, like:

  • label applying
  • logo embossing/stamp
  • 1 or 2 color logo silk print
  • full color UV printing
  • gift set packing
Can you make candle jars in aluminum? With printing?

Yes, we can make candle jars in aluminum, and if to do offset printing on aluminum, MOQ is much higher than on tinplate. For not big quantity, it is suggested to do partial UV full color printing or silk print 1 or 2 colors.

Are Candle Tins Recyclable?

The answer is definately yes. The candle tins can be re-used to make new candles. And candles are easy to DIY, it is easy to get the candle making DIY sets. It is a fun to make you own candle tins with your favorate flavors. Also all tin products can be easily recycled and made into new steels  after melting them.

What do candle tins with flush lid look like?
What do you mean by bubble candle tin or drum style candle tin?
How to make candles in tin can?
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