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TinWonder is a professional candle tin jars supplier and candle tins wholesaler in China for over 10 years.

  • Customized candle tins with pouring spout with client print and logo
  • Low temperature massage oil candle tins customization
  • Professional tin can supplier meeting clients’ packaging expectations

Product By Sizes

We have all series of massage candle tins, varying from smallest 1.5oz or 2.0 oz to 4oz, 6oz and to 8oz capacity. Their detailed sizes are as below.

1.5oz candle tin with spout
1.5 oz candle tin with spout

Some clients also call it 2 ounce candle tin, ok in plain color or in custom print.


4oz candle tin with spout
4 oz massage candle tin

4oz candle tin with pouring spout with size 65x42mm, one of the popular sized tin can for massage oil.

6 ounce candle tin jar with spout
6 oz massage candle tin can

Candle tin jar with pouring spout in 6oz capacity, welcome tin can customization orders.

8oz candle jar with spout
8 oz massage tin jar

8oz massage candle tin with pouring spout, supporting custom plain color and custom print tin orders.


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Preferable Tin Structure

These tin jars are with a spout, which suits interior liquid pouring out.

Massage candle is a low temperature candle wax, after melt, the oil can be poured out easily, and smear around body, for body massage.

The tin jar with spout can also be used for other liquid which need easily pouring; as the tin base is seamless and leak proof.

massage tin jar container
custom design candle tin with pouring spout

Customization Capability

As a professional tin can manufacturer, we can customize any tins with client designs and colors.

For these massage candle jars, we support solid client colors on tins, like black, gold, red, etc., we also support custom print stickers gluing around tin body, and custom design directly print on tin cans, as well as client logo stamp on tin lid, etc.


Existing Molds

We have existing tin molds with the sizes and capacities that you are looking for, from 1.5oz to 8 oz.

Existing molds can save your developing time and cost, and we can offer fast customization production and turn around.

Just reach us once you are in need of any of these massage candle jars.


full series massage candle tins
Do you wholesale candle tins with spout?

Yes, we have some regular stocks for pouring candle tins with capacity 1.5oz, 4oz and 6oz. We can offer door to door shipping to USA and Europe.

What colors are available for massage candle tins

Normally they are black candle tins with spout and silver candle tins with pouring spout, support fast shipment. Also support custom logo stamp on lid, and custom logo print and label apply on lid and base.

Besides the seamless tins used for massage oil, do you have others?

Yes,massage candle tin is only small part of our tins, we have wide range styles and capacities/sizes for candle tins, we have separate pages for them. You could get more information on each corresponsing pages, and you are welcome to contact our sales to get instant answer.

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