As a Candle Tins Manufacturer and Candle Tins Wholesaler, TinWonder has more than below listed bubble candle tins. Let us talk more!

Bowl shaped candle tin in two sizes: 4oz 75x51mm, 8oz 88x56mm, both sizes matte black in large stock; also welcome custom design orders.

Candle tin vessels candle tin jars metal candle jars
custom print candle tins wholesale supplier

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Besides these bubble style or drum style tin jars, we have more styled metal tin cans for candles, like shallow tins with or with no screw lid, straight deep tin cans, decorative candle tins with seamed base, fancy shaped candle tins and so on.

Besides below hot sales candle tin jars, Tinwonder offers more capacities candle tin containers and support custom candle tin mold developing and customization.

fancy candle tin jars custom print candle tin vessels
tin cans for candles candle tin containers with printing
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