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  • tea book tins
  • book biscuit tin
  • chocolate book shaped tin box
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Professional Book Tin Supplier

Book tins are tin boxes made in book shape. The book shaped tin box is high-end among all other shaped tins, with special printing and varnish effects, and with vivid embossing, the book tins are always the shining star in tin packaging.

Therefore, tin books are often chosen by top brands to pack their branded tea, cookies, chocolate and gifts. There are many fans for some brands’ novel tea book tins and book biscuit tins, as they are exquisite enough to be a home decoration or a beautiful storage tin container.

Existing Book Shaped Tin Molds

We have multi existing tin molds for book shaped tins, sizes varing from mini, small, medium to big, either flat or deep, and could be used as tea tins, cookie tins, chocolate tins, or gift tins. They all are for clients’ free choice and usage.

mini book shaped tin box notebook sized tin box
Mini Book Tin Box

It is a small book tin, size like hand-hold notebook, while it is fancy and cute, often used as jewelry tin box or metal chocolates box.

small size book tin box
Small Book Shaped Tin

Its size is not big, and big enough to be used as chocolate tins, sweets tins, and tea bag tins. Welcome custom print.

A5 sized book tin box
Tea Book Tins

This tin book with inner size the same as A5 sized paper, and it is the most often used size by many brands, as tea book tins, chocolate book tins.

square book shaped tin box for tea for chocolate
Medium Book Tin

It has a square internal box, then able to divide into four cavities to contain cookies, different flavor tea sachets.

tin book tin can book
Book Biscuit Tin

It is deeper than flat book tins, then able to container thick products like bagged cookies, biscuit, cosmetics sprays, etc.

deep book tin box for cake for biscuit cookies
Deep Book Tin Box

This book shaped tin can is deep enough to contain piled cookies, cupcakes, chocolate figurines, cosmetic jars.

long book shaped gift tin book
Long Book Tin Box

This book tin is long enough to contain a batch of flower! It is big enough to use as a collection gift tin packaging.

book style chocolate tin hinged lid sharp corners
Chocolate Tin Box

This fancy tin chocolate box is like a book tin, though with no book spine, while it has a hinged lid. It is a decorative air tight tin box.

open book tin box rectangle metal box
Opened Book Tin Box

It is a rectangle tin box, with removable lid, which looks like an opened book. Tin box is large enough as great tin packaging.

standing book tin with removable lid
Standing Book Tin Box

This tin is regular 3-pc tin box structure, looking like a standing book. Its top lid is removable, and it is cost-effective.

tin box for books LOL girls
Tin Box for Books

We also supply books packaging tin boxes, with tin box sizes tailored to your books, also with many existing tin molds for your choice.

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Custom Book Tins Wholesale

TinWonder is a leading custom metal box factory, with the experienced teams of technicians, workers, quality control people and sales people.

Beside book shaped tins, we can also custom other novel shaped tins. We aims for top-quality tin boxes, and work with many world famous brands.

What are Tea Book Tins Made of?

Book tea tins are made of tinplate, like cookie tins, chocolate tins. All our tin boxes are food safe, and we offer quality guarantee for 6 months.

Are Book Tins Airtight?

Yes, book tin box are with double-layer tinplate made plug-in cover, which are air tight enough as tea packaging and cookie packaging, etc.

Are Book Tin Cans Recyclable?

Yes, tin is one kind of iron, and it is reported that over 90% of iron can be recycled finally, due to its magnetism for easier detecting.

How to Order Custom Book Tins?

We have one article on this website tells the tin box order procedures in detail.

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