Your Professional Tin Box Manufacturer
With 10+ Years Experience
TinWonder aming for high-quality tins and long-term partnership
Your Professional Tin Box Manufacturer
With 10+ Years Experience
TinWonder aming for high-quality tins and long-term partnership
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One Stop Tin Packaging Supplier from Idea to Shelf

tin box 3D design drawing
We reach closest point to your expectation under tinplate and tin box making limitations. We present what tins allow, and we achieve what we draw.
tin box mould tin tooling
If our existing thousands sets of molds fall out of your consideration, we make new mold exclusive for you. Exclusive tins excel on the same shelf.
tin box production line
More automatic machines are applied onto our tin box making production lines. Rapid production and fast delivery boost your sales and marketing.
tin box shipping
We offer shipping service, and cooperate on your shipping request, either from our factory gate or to your door step, via vessel, train, plane or truck.
  • Exclusive landing design
  • 10+ years history
  • Ingenious mold
  • Large capacity
  • Skilled craftmanship
  • Rapid production
  • Top grade tinplate
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Top quality printer
  • Full satisfactory service
  • Experienced people

TinWonder for Wonderful Tins

TinWonder aims for high-quality tins and long-term partnership. To have a trustworthy tin vendor in China, just contact TinWonder.

1st Grade Tinplate Sheet

Raw material – Tinplate sheet is key for tins to be exquisite. All tinplate sheets we use are sourced from national leading steelworks, with 2.8g/m*m tin double sides. Top grade material keeps our made tins shining the whole shelf life.

top grade tinplate sheet
  • strict tin box inspection

Strict Quality Control

We insist in high quality, to have which we apply detailed and strict quality control on each production procedures. we have 100% on line quality control before packing tins into cartons, and 15% inspection before shipping.

tin design
Confirm if there is existing suitable mold, if not let us design and develop new one.
Mold Making
Our in-house mold workshop and adept technicians contribute to the fast and practical molds, which make dedicated tin boxes.
tin tooling making
tin printing machine
Our cooperating printers are with advanced printing machines and high-level instructors and rigid quality control.
Tins Forming
With tin sheets printed with colors, we form the sheets into shapes. Our punching machines various from 10T to 80T for all ranges of tins making.
tin box shaping forming
container loading
Tins are safe packed into cartons or onto pallets, suiting sea shipping or air shipping. They are ready for brightening your brands.

Custom Tin Box Supplier

You can find the one-stop metal packaging solution from us, we hold the capacity from design, print, shape and shipping. We are always ready to be your most reliable tin vendor.

Existing Molds
Experienced Employees
Production Area

Wide Range of our Product Lines

Our tins are with all kinds of sizes, shapes, and functions, fitting for various industries.
seasonal tins holiday tins
Our Special shaped tins are developed for big promotions of different festivals, like Valentine's, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc..
tea tins coffee tins
We have different sizes of tins, suiting different capacity of leaves, beans or powders packing, with air tight or air proof lids.
heart shaped tin boxes for sweets
Our various shaped tins suit nuts, cookies, chocolates, popcorns, snacks packaging, prolonging their shelf life.
tinwonder cosmetic tin boxes
Tins used for cosmetics are always grabbing the most cutting edge trials on tin industries, scrumptious embossing, laser foil techniques, etc..
tinwonder candle tins
Our candles tins various from 0.5oz to 16oz, leak-proof, exquisite, various shapes and various lid profiles.
preroll tins gummies tin jars child resistant
We have tins and cans for weeds flowers, gummies, pre rolls, vaporizers, hookah pastes, in round or rectangle, child resistant, air tight and smell proof.

What Our Clients Say

  • I knew and began cooperating with Tinwonder in 2014, when I started my own shortbread brand. Now I have 6 containers each year. I have to say I am fully satisfied with their considerate service and high quality. I would for sure keep working with them.
    people 000
    Katie Paton UK
  • My company offers design and packing solutions to many cosmetic brands. Tinwonder has the ability to turn my rough tin packing idea into actual tins easily and speedily, and their tin quality is always trustable.
    people 02
    Scott Giacotto Spain
  • What Tinwonder impresses me primarily is their custom service. With my tin orders to them, I am always kept posted of each step happening at their facility. I have no concern at all about their quality control and delivery time.
    people 03
    Nancy Lewis USA

More Questions You May Have

Once your queries are out of below ones, just feel free to reach us.
Does a new mold cost much?

No, our own in-house mold workshop could save much your mold cost. One set of molds starts from US$1000 to big thousands, depending on complexity of techniques.

Hong long does a new mold take?

Normally 10 days to 20 days for regular tins, or more days needed for complicated ones like book shaped tins.

Can I have a customized tin sample?

If our existing mold suits you, we send you die cut drawing to allow your designer to place the artworks. With artworks we can make printed samples, which takes 7-10 days.

Do you have anything show me before making the new mold?

Yes, we can make and send you 3D drawing and prototype – handmade or 3D print plastic sample. With prototype you can be very clear about your tins looking like.

What is the lead time?

7-20 days for color sample making or new mold making;

20-30 days for mass production;

20-35 days for vessel shipping.

What do you need to offer an quote?

Good question, to quote an accurate pricing, we need to know:

tin shape, size, printing requirements, quantity, incoterm.

Our Cooperating Brands

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